A growing portfolio of synbio-CAD tools where I am actively contributing to the planning, design, development, deployment, test, analysis and validation:

  1. Galaxy-SynBioCAD: Synthetic Biology Design Automation tools in Galaxy workflows. BioRxiv.

  2. RetroRules: A database of reaction rules for engineering biology. Nucleic Acids Research.

  3. SelProm: A Queryable and Predictive Expression Vector Selection Tool for Escherichia coli. ACS Synth Biol.

  4. Selenzyme: Enzyme Selection Tool for Pathway Design. Bioinformatics.

  5. RetroPath2.0: A retrosynthesis workflow for metabolic engineers, Metab Eng.

  6. SensiPath: Computer-aided Design of Sensing-enabling Metabolic Pathways. Nucleic Acids Research.

  7. XTMS: Pathway Design in an eXTended Metabolic Space, Nucleic Acids Research.

  8. Retropath: Automated Pipeline for Embedded Metabolic Circuits. ACS Synth Biol.

  9. MolSig: Stereo Signature Molecular Descriptor. J Chem Info Model.

  10. MetaHype: Metabolic Pathway Enumeration for Heterologous Production of Chemicals. BMC Sys Biol.

  11. EcoliTox: Chemical Intracellular Toxicity Prediction in Bacteria. Biotechnol Bioeng.

  12. Promis: Enzyme Promiscuity Prediction. Bioinformatics.