A growing portfolio of synbio-CAD tools where I have been involved in the development, test and validation in the last 10 years:

  • RetroRules: A database of reaction rules for engineering biology, Nucleic Acids Research
  • SelProm: A Queryable and Predictive Expression Vector Selection Tool for Escherichia coli, ACS Synth Bio
  • Selenzyme: enzyme selection tool for pathway design.
  • RetroPath2.0: A retrosynthesis workflow for metabolic engineers, Metab. Eng.
  • SensiPath: computer-aided design of sensing-enabling metabolic pathways, Nucleic Acids Research
  • XTMS: Pathway Design in an eXTended Metabolic Space, Nucleic Acids Research (Featured in Cell)
  • Retropath: Automated Pipeline for Embedded Metabolic Circuits, ACS Synth Biol
  • MolSig: Stereo Signature Molecular Descriptor, J Chem Info Model
  • MetaHype: a tool for metabolic pathway enumeration for heterologous production
  • EcoliTox: a web server for toxicity prediction in bacteria
  • Promis: enzyme promiscuity prediction